About Us

Therefore we have set out to create different platforms wherein we provide our services ; highly engaging meetings where we feature networking sessions, talk shows, games, Q & A sessions among other things. We also have a very interactive blog, an effective Facebook page and twitter handle, links of which are on the welcome page.

We offer counseling on dating and relationship matters however consent and profiling of individuals concerned are key.

Match- Making is part of the services we offer, however consent of all parties interested is key. Please see the menu under match-making on the home page  to fill the forms if interested.

Our other specialized services / event planning offerings include but not limited to:

Few Hours To Tie The Knots ( this is our version of ‘Bachelors eve’)

Yes, Yes, Yes ! ( this is our version of ‘Bridal showers’)

Birthday Special

Surprise, Surprise ! ( when you intend to organize a bash or get together without his/her knowledge)

Please Marry Me

Wedding planning

A little more:

SinglesConnect participates in local charity events, believing that giving back is a great way to show love. We stand behind the communities we are located in and hope you do too.

Our Belief

We believe that life is too short, the work day is too long and adventures are too many to share alone. We believe that there is someone special for everyone and that your someone special just might be at our next event, or a friend of a friend that you haven’t met yet. We believe in making new friends at any age. We believe you are never too old to get a partner


At singles connect; we believe that the synergies that exist in a compatible partnership are vital in the overall quality of one’s life. However, we recognize that the process of finding a significant relationship can be emotionally exhausting and time consuming. It is our mission to provide you with a better way.


To create a decent and endearing forum where matured singles connect and build a lasting relationship God’s way.